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Packaging Systems provides equipment and innovative solutions to the Steel and Metals Industry across the country. From automatic equipment and strapping machines, to supplies that include Steel and Polyester strapping, Coil Separators, ID/OD protection, and VCI/Corrosion-management, Packaging Systems has you covered by providing the latest technology and supplies in the Metals Industry. We introduce the latest in innovative products and systems to improve and promote your Quality, Sustainability, and Safety throughout your manufacturing and shipping processes.

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    Packaging Equipment – Industries Served

    NRB NCP-1000 Workplace on the Floor

    New Facilities, Factory, Warehouse, & Plant Renovations

    Whether you’re opening a brand new manufacturing plant or upgrading and renovating the one you have, Packaging Systems is the company to link arms with your team and be sure that the manufacturing packaging systems are best suited to your new facility.

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    Orwak Recycling Machinery

    Recycling Equipment – Paper, Plastic, & Metal

    The recycling industry is unique and we specialize in helping our recycling industry customers find the right equipment for safely reducing their initial load of material and then packaging, stacking, wrapping, and storing their processed materials.

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    Distribution Center Equipment

    Distribution Center & Shipping Equipment

    The logistics department that often includes pallet stacking, packing wrapping, and distribution centers are all our clients. Packaging Systems specializes in the wide variety of shipping equipment, from manual to fully automatic, including robotic automation integration in assembly and packing lines.

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    Wulftec Stretch Wrapper and Packaging Conveyer Machine

    Food Processing & Packaging Machinery

    Care and attention to hygiene, safety, and efficiency are paramount when we are working with our food processing and packing customers. You can count on us to tailor your food service manufacturing, filling, processing, packaging and shipping systems to your specific situation and bring recommendations that make good sense for you.

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    Intermodal Packaging Equipment

    Freight & Intermodal Shipping Equipment

    Understanding the safety and product protection needs when shipping via rail, sea container, truck, and air are our forte. We help you develop the package and dunnage needed to load and have your products arrive safely and intact anywhere in the world.

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    Copper Wire and Metal Shipping Equipment

    Metal Processing & Converting

    A healthy appreciation for the extreme weights and forces in play when handling metal is top of the list when picking someone to help you with material handling in the metals industry. Packaging systems has customers everywhere who rely on us to help them get the right products and the right metal processing equipment to run safely and efficiently. We know metal processing, converting, and recycling.

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    Packaging Equipment Services

    Wulftec WCA-SMART Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrappers

    Packaging Equipment Procurement

    Packaging Systems offers a streamlined procurement process for packaging equipment and supplies. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, and then provide personalized recommendations and solutions to meet those needs.

    Highlight Revolver Auto-Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

    Packaging Equipment Installation

    Packaging Systems provides comprehensive packaging equipment installation services to ensure that our clients’ new equipment is properly installed and integrated into their production line. Our experienced technicians work closely with their clients to minimize disruption to their operations and ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

    Packaging Equipment Maintenance Check

    Packaging Equipment Maintenance

    Packaging Systems offers a comprehensive maintenance program for our clients’ packaging equipment, including regular inspections, cleaning, and calibration to ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues. Our trained technicians provide customized maintenance plans tailored to the unique needs of each client and are committed to minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment lifespan through proactive maintenance and support.

    Stretch Film & Pallet Wrap

    Packaging & Shipping Supplies

    Packaging Systems offers a wide range of packaging and intermodal shipping supplies, including boxes, tape, labels, and protective materials, to meet the needs of their clients’ diverse packaging requirements. Our knowledgeable team can help clients choose the right supplies for their specific application, and can provide customized packaging solutions to ensure safe and efficient transportation of their products.

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    Berran Industrial group
    Eagle Equipment
    Viking Masek
    IAS, Inc

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    Phoenix Wrappers

    Packaging Systems Testimonials

    Hear how Packaging Systems helped to improve a metals processing plants’ packaging process.

    Watch an orbital stretch wrapper in action.

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    If I had the ability to do this project from A to Z, I wouldn’t change a thing. We were treated fairly from Packaging Systems. Packaging Systems was very good with going to the manufacturers of the film and doing a lot of trials to figure out what is going to work out for us.”
    -Perry Liangos, Operations Manager