For decades, companies have turned to Packaging Systems when they are in the process of planning and designing a new facility. We consult with our clients on all aspects of a new facility, from engineering safe working environments that maximize on space and efficiency to selecting automatic equipment to streamline and drive down costs on scrap operations.  Not only do our clients have the safest securement methods in the industry, but they also have flexible and mobile workplace designs for all of their operations.  These are just some of the many innovations and full-scale solutions Packaging Systems offers to our clients.


Allegheny Industrial Associates – Packaging Systems can solve all of your load securement and freight needs through our partnership with Allegheny Industrial Associates (AIA). We offer access to such innovative products as TransMat, a simple-to-use load securement method that efficiently replaces wood blocking and bracing.

Eagle Steel – Our focus is to help you to maximize your space in your storage facilities. We partner with Eagle Steel, a material handling manufacturer, and offer our customers products such as: raised and structural storage platforms, fencing systems, safety guards, safety fences, and locker systems.

Iron Bull – We are able to help you simplify your waste and scrap collection by partnering with Iron Bull. Their self-dumping hoppers greatly streamline waste and scrap handling and are designed with maximum ease and efficiency of operation in mind.

NRB Inc. – You can conserve space in your production floor area with the elevated workplaces and demountable panelized building systems offered by our partnership with NRB Inc. This way, you can have more space in your production floor area and flexible workspaces whenever you have a need.

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Our mission is to be the single source answer to all of our customers packaging needs. Our focus is ‘Lowest cost per load effectively and environmentally shipped’. Through the years we have established a reputation with our customers of providing fast, reliable and professional service. Our high level of responsiveness to our customers’ needs keeps them coming back! ”

-Pat Tharp, President, Packaging Systems