Robots for Assembly Lines


Robots make manufacturing operations run smoother and faster in today’s modern manufacturing process. Using robots on assembly lines increases efficiency and supports manufacturing industry employees in meeting timely business goals. As assembly line robot technology and usage continue to evolve, manufacturing industries can benefit from the accuracy, automation, and innovation of assembly line robots.


At Packaging Systems, we offer over 30 years of experience and a range of robots and cobots for assembly, picking, and packing applications. Our machines are monumental for industries looking to automate tasks, improve their operation and assembly line efficiency, and cut down on labor costs. Discover our wide range of assembly line robots and collaborative robots (cobots) that solve many operational challenges, making them a valuable investment for your business.

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Assembly Line Robots for Assembly, Picking, and Packing


From part assembly and feed to picking and packing, robotic assembly lines can speed up the process, helping businesses meet essential deadlines. These assembly line robots also provide accuracy in their work, eliminating many potential errors.


For instance, many manufacturing and consumer goods businesses use palletizing robots to improve product quality and accuracy, reduce labor costs, and increase the timely and regularity of packaging.

What is the Value of Robots on the Assembly Line?


These robots are helping businesses revolutionize how they produce and package goods. Assembly line robots are increasing efficiency, accuracy, safety, and customization. For instance, assembly line robots can be programmed to complete highly specialized tasks, allowing businesses greater flexibility and customization.

Assembly Line Robot Product Overview


Packaging Systems offers many high-quality, innovative assembly line robots and cobots for assembly, picking, and packing applications. These include robotic machines that tend to multi-part handling, robotic part assembly and feed, and robotic feed machine tending.

Robotic Machine Tending Multi-Part Handling


Assembly line robots can handle multiple tasks, especially robotic machines designed for operating on and tending to numerous parts. Packing Systems provides robotic machines for tending to multi-functional, multi-part handling that optimizes production.

Robotic Part Assembly and Feed


Packaging Systems also offers robotic part assembly and feed machines. These robots feed parts in the assembly, knowing how to identify, locate, and place a specified part on the assembly line or where it needs to go.

Robotic Part Assembly and Feed Machine Tending


The robotic part assembly and feed machine tending robots can help automate machine tending operations. Given enough parts, the robot will endlessly continue the robotic machine-tending process without tiring.

Preventative Maintenance


Our Preventative Maintenance Program is available for the assembly line robots and cobots. The program keeps your machines running with the assistance of our factory-trained and certified technicians. We use cutting-edge testing and servicing equipment to keep your robot in prime condition.

Customer Support


Let us care for your machine’s service, repair, and preventative maintenance. Our Customer Support team is happy to work with customers to increase productivity and find the ideal robotic solutions for your business’s needs. Contact us today to get started!

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