Palletizing Robots and Cobots


Palletizing robots and cobots are machines that automate stacking products onto pallets. The primary benefit of these machines is that they improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Different palletizing machines, including collaborative robots (cobots) and industrial robots, are available. These machines are beneficial for high-speed and precision-required tasks.


At Packaging Systems, we offer over 30 years of experience with robotic palletizers and specialize in finding palletizing robot solutions for industries such as food and beverages, medical devices, furniture, and consumer goods. We provide customized robotic palletizers, plus installation and preventative maintenance services. Partner with Packaging Systems to enhance efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity and accuracy.


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What are Robotic Palletizers Used For?


Palletizing robots are used to arrange and stack items. However, unlike traditional packing systems, these machines require less workforce for operation because they use a conveyor belt to move items. A palletizing robot will quickly work to systematically stack and layer products on a pallet until the pallet is full.

Types of Robotic Palletizing Systems


Packaging Systems offers many robotic palletizing systems, such as the Automatic Robot Palletizer, Cobot Palletizers, and Industrial Robotic Palletize. Explore all the types of robotic palletizing machines from Packaging Systems here:

Automatic Robot Palletizer


Fully automatic robot palletizers move and handle a wide variety of products safely and precisely. They can handle various products regardless of material, size, shape, and weight. Furthermore, fully automatic robot palletizers are adept at many pallet styles, build patterns, and applications.

Cobot Palletizers


Cobot Palletizers, similar to automatic robot palletizers, offer a versatile solution for moving and handling products and placing them onto pallets. Cobots are effective for palletizing various products and performing repetitive automotive tasks.

Industrial Robotic Palletizer


Industrial Robotic Palletizers are ideal for speeding up and streamlining end-of-line packaging processes like packaging and storage. These machines require minimal space to function and are highly cost-effective.

Preventative Maintenance


Packaging Systems proudly offers our Preventative Maintenance Program for palletizing robots and cobots. We value customer satisfaction and are dedicated to ensuring your machines run smoothly and effectively.


This program provides customers direct access to our factory-trained and certified technicians, who ensure optimal performance for all palletizing robots and cobots. Contact us to learn about the many benefits of our Preventative Maintenance Program today!

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