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Businesses that require transparent, tightly-wrapped packaging for their products can benefit from using shrink wrap machines. These machines are designed to automate or semi-automate the wrapping and sealing of products in polyolefin (PE) shrink film. Shrink wrap machines are commonly used in several industries, particularly the food and beverage sector, to assist with various packaging requirements.


Packaging Systems is dedicated to providing customers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries with top-notch, dependable shrink-wrap machines and equipment. Our wide range of shrink wrap machines and equipment offerings include semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines and the polyethylene shrink film used by the machines.


We also provide comprehensive installation and preventative maintenance services to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance. Whatever your needs may be, Packaging Systems is here to assist you.

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What is a Shrink Wrap Machine?


Shrink wrap machines streamline and automate wrapping and sealing products in polyethylene shrink film, cutting labor costs and improving business efficiency. They are suitable for packaging products in low or high volumes, including wrapping pallets or skids of goods, and are utilized by various industries.

How Does a Shrink Wrap Machine Work?


During this shrink-wrapping process, an item is placed in the machine and loosely wrapped in a polyolefin film. The shrink wrap machine uses heat technology to carefully shrink the film around the item, resulting in a secure wrapping that protects and holds the object together.

Types of Shrink Wrap Machines


Packaging Systems offers many shrink wrapping machines, such as automatic, semi-automatic, l-bar sealers, tape dispensers, and heat shrink tunnel machines. No matter your shrink wrap packaging needs, we have the machine and equipment to do the job. Explore all the types of shrink wrap machines from Packaging Systems below:

Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine


Automatic shrink wrap machines are perfect for high-speed packing applications. They are easy to operate and provide dependable, consistent shrink wrapping every time. Fully automatic shrink wrap machines are ideal for wrapping large quantities of products simultaneously and typically operate faster than semi-automatic machines.

Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine


Semi-automatic shrink wrap machines are also very effective and time-efficient for wrapping products in plastic film. These machines are straightforward to operate and require very little input from the operator. All the operator needs to do is place the loads on the wrapper and start the wrapping cycle. Once the cycle begins, the machine automatically takes over and wraps the product. After the wrapping, another operator can remove the newly packaged item from the machine.

L-Bar Sealers & Tape Dispensers


L-bar sealers work well with many different types of plastic film. These sealers are perfect for efficiently and neatly sealing and cutting package film. Packaging Systems also offers polyethylene shrink film wrapping supplies, such as tape dispensers.

Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine


Heat shrink tunnel machines also shrink materials like polyolefin films and seal them around a product or object. These shrink machines wrap packages by circulating heated air within a semi-enclosed chamber.

Preventative Maintenance


Our Preventative Maintenance Program is available for the shrink wrapping machines. The program keeps your shrink wrap up and running with the assistance of our factory-trained and certified technicians. We use state-of-the-art testing and servicing equipment to keep your machine functioning properly.

Customer Support


Our customer support team is here to take care of your shrink wrap machine’s service, repair, and preventative maintenance. Take advantage of our team working with customers to increase productivity using the most innovative wrapping solutions. Contact us now to see how we can help you!

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