HR 450 and HR 450HD Baler & Compactor

The NEW economical way to bale your pallet/stretch wrap, foil, plastic bags, hospital blue wrap, light cardboard, and much more!

The HR 450 is a large twin ram baler producing mill size bales of up to 450 Kgs. in weight.  The machine will bale cardboard, corrugated, plastic, or paper & is suitable for Large Shop, Supermarkets, Hardware Stores, Furniture Stores, Shopping Centers, Recycling Facilities, Factories, Etc. Power for this machine is three phase & hydraulic bale eject is standard. The machine is CE compliant & is supplied complete with warranty.  Built strong the 450 is the ideal machine for the large producer with big volumes of material to bale.

Looking for a versatile and durable packaging solution? The HR 450 and 450HD Baler is a popular choice, and our baler and compactor can help you efficiently manage and transport large volumes of these materials. Reduce costs, save space, and promote environmental sustainability with HR 450 and 450HD innovative baler and compactor. Contact us today or fill out the below form to learn more.

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