Heavy-Duty Steel Mezzanine Storage Platforms

Heavy-Duty Steel Mezzanine Storage Platforms

Steel Storage Platforms from Eagle Steel can make your existing spaces more streamlined and efficient.

By providing quick and seamless options for retrieval and distribution of goods, we give warehouse managers what you really need. A custom steel mezzanine is perfect for cutting down on the high costs involved with expansion or moving to another facility.

By opting for a custom mezzanine from Eagle Steel, you gain:

  • More space for fencing systems which can be situated either above or beneath the platforms.
  • Steel base plates for efficient distribution of column loads. This can take care of limitations which arise from sparse floor capacity.
  • Custom mezzanines for making space for Order Pick Station, Client Area, Conference Room, Observation Posts, Shipping and Packing Areas, and more. They are platforms which allow offices and certain areas to be sound-proofed against the factory and warehouse machinery noise.
  • Maximized storage, while conforming to current worker safety measures, standards and regulations.

Eagle Steel’s Process

  • Your Eagle Steel representative will conduct an on-site visit to check all specifications and sizes are correct. This is an important stage because we need to ensure accuracy before we start creating components for your mezzanine floors.
  • An engineered drawing will be prepared using advanced Computer Assisted Design techniques. These stamped drawings always include all national and regional safety codes.
  • All products made by Eagle Steel Inc. are tested for maximum safety standards as well as quality standards. We employ only certified welders to ensure our products possess the prerequisite durability, strength, rigidity, and high-grade of quality.
  • Material production will not begin until you’ve given final approval.
  • Once the materials are ready, Eagle Steel experts will begin installation. Your business operations and activities will not be disrupted during construction of your mezzanine flooring.

Production & Finishing

We offer four (4) standard enamel finishes:

  • Blue
  • Safety Yellow
  • Black
  • Grey