Industrial Steel Safety Guards for Warehouses & Factories

Industrial Steel Safety Guards for Warehouses & Factories

Factories and warehouses require safety measures, such as steel guards and square bollards.


Just the installation of basic safety measures can help companies keep their personnel and machinery safe from accidents. Preventing damage to electrical panels and keeping your fenced area secure are some examples of how warehousing guards can be used.


Why Go For Eagle Steel’s Safety Guards Products?


On average, independent studies have reported that as many as 680,400 industrial accidents happen annually, a majority of them easily avoidable if there were adequate safety measures in place. These accidents are bad for the individual as well as the company. Some of the most common issues that crop up are:


  • Lost Work Hours – A worker can go on leave indefinitely, resulting in rising labor costs.
  • Reduced Manpower– As an employee recuperates, your firm will be suddenly faced with a shortage of manpower to get work done.
  • Lower Worker Morale – Workers feel their rights are not provided for by the employer.
  • Compensation And Legal Bills – Mounting litigation costs mean employers will have to settle with the aggrieved party. Otherwise a long-drawn legal battle awaits them. This also gives the firm a bad repute in the industry.
  • Damage To Warehouse Facilities– Sophisticated and heavy machinery can get damaged as a result of an industrial accident, leading to more downtime and lost productivity and efficiency as well as huge repair bills.


Eagle’s Steel’s new and updated safety products can help you avoid operational downtime and keep people safe. We provide:


  • Durable Steel Guards
  • Protective Fence Systems
  • Bollards


This safety equipment can help protect and secure your workers, loading docks, machinery, and servers Protect warehouses, production areas, conveyor, racks, compressors, AGV paths, robotic equipment, and mezzanines bases.


The Process


Eagle Steel Safety Guards are made based on a modular and pre-fabricated industrial guardrail design. This ensures that Warehouse guards can be expanded and retrofitted anywhere depending on the needs and requirements of your warehouse.


They come in the following configurations:


  • Easy and assembly-friendly double and single-rail configurations make setting them up quick and snappy. They are easily extendable with starters & adders, helping warehouse managers create virtually any size and style they require
  • Low-profile guards and bollards that are made from 3/16” thick steel.
  • High strength steel guards with 0.188 gauge 4” x 4” steel tubing that helps protects against high impacts.
  • Durable powder coat safety yellow for accident prevention and high visibility


Safety Guard Customization Options


All of Eagle Steel’s industrial safety guards’ products have a powder coat paint finish which is done using high-durability material. This ensures our products provide better protection against rusting due to water and corrosion. Warehouse Guards also look better with gloss, hardness, and adhesion characteristics. These products are designed based on your needs and requirements. They conform to existing safety and industrial standards, offering warehouse owners complete peace of mind.


Eagle Steel’s products are durable thanks to their especially treated coating and manufacturing process. They are 60% more resistant to solvents. Their impact resistance is as high as 94%, making them almost impossible to destroy. Furthermore, the warehouse guards are 74% resistant to salt spray too.


Eagle Steel’s Safety guards come in the standard choice of Safety Yellow color, giving people a bright cue and hint about the nature of the product itself.