Green Polyester Strapping for shipping

Polyester Strapping

Polyester Strap has proliferated in the traditional steel strapping applications and continues to expand with the introduction of 1” and 1 ¼” Polyester products. They now routinely replace 1 ¼ steel strap in a multitude of packaging applications in the metals and forest products industries. Breaking through the stigma that steel is stronger and more secure, Polyester is often much safer for operators and customers, while delivering greater package integrity and more secure containment. PET strapping has elongation properties that protect shifting loads and loads subject to shock where steel strap is frequently compromised. PET eliminates the need and cost of steel seals and delivers comparable or greater joint efficiency.  In many applications once thought out-of-bounds for Polyester Strap, it delivers greater package integrity, increased efficiencies, better ergonomics and safety, and all while delivering 40% to 60% lower cost. Contact us today for an analysis and demonstration to determine the value PET can deliver to your operators, customers and shareholders.