Eagle Steel Wire Mesh Fencing Partitions

Eagle Steel Wire Mesh Fencing Partitions

You need a secure yet inexpensive solution for your warehouse security.


This is where Eagle Steel’s Fencing Systems come in. To ensure that your warehouse space is efficiently divided for safety or security purposes, employ our Wire Mesh Partitions or the Wire Mesh Fencing, They are perfect for making spaces for tool cribs, stockrooms, and research areas.


Advantages of Eagle Steel’s Fencing Systems

  • Our fencing systems are inexpensive and easy to set up.
  • They can be installed with minimal disrutopion.
  • They are flexible and mobile, making them ideal for reuse anywhere you like.
  • They are easy to install and don’t require more costs that might result from altering your existing sprinkler, lighting, and heating systems.
  • Their standard modular panels are built to be durable and to withstand high impacts.


Our steel fencing systems are particularly beneficial for companies in the pharmaceutical sector, for they need cages which meet governmental regulations. Pharmaceutical spaces need to be tightly controlled because of the sensitive material they work with.


Why Choose Eagle Steel


A 30 year old veteran of the industry, Eagle Steel has innovated and perfected the art of Warehouse Fencing. Our experienced teams can expertly set up the needed fences, and partition areas for high security and warehousing needs.


  • Our products come with the innovative ‘Thorough-Bolting’technology, allowing for fast assembly and disassembly of pre-punched frames and posts for partitioning purposes. No significant downtime is experienced.
  • Our fencing systems don’t require roofs. They can be constructed as you like, where you like.
  • They are highly secure, with Warehouse locker fencingkeeping thefts and vandalism incidents to the minimum.
  • Modular sized sliding gatesare incorporated for ease of access. No special equipment is required.
  • Your sensitive machinery and hardware are completely secure with our state of the art fencing systems.


Customization Options


Our wire mesh fencing is available in a variety of customizable options:


  • They are available in 2 x 2 wire mesh with a variety of colors. Blue is offered by default.
  • Plexiglass and 18 gauge sheet metal panel options are also available – both for functionality and style.
  • High strength 23-gauge angle frame for durability.
  • Roofs are also available as per your security requirements.
  • Service Wicket Door which allows for secure entry of employees only.


How We Manufacture Our Fencing Systems


Eagle Steel ensures the Wire Mesh Fencing and Warehouse Partitions are manufactured with impact-resistant materials, making them durable and secure. They are developed in such a way that the computers and sensitive machinery housed in these wire mesh partitions and fences stay safe from impact and sabotage.