HBX-4300/4330 Stainless Steel

The HBX-4300 Series stainless steel plastic strapping machines are designed for reliable packaging under harsh conditions. Built with stainless steel components, they are ideal for packaging applications where corrosion resistance is necessary in the meat, poultry and seafood industries. With a number of timesaving features and options, the HBX Series strapping machines simplify operation and maintenance. Features include: Stainless steel frame, table top, chute arch, legs, front and rear panels, dispenser door, electrical door and splash guard. Corrosion resistant strap path and fasteners.


  • Jam-resistant technology
  • Bi-directional strap loading
  • Out-of-strap feature
  • Automatic cut-off and refeed option
  • Fully accessible strap path
  • Lubrication-free operation
  • Variable speed reversible conveyor

Specifications Chute size: 28″x 20″ (700 mm x 510 mm)
Cycle rate: Up to 70 straps per minute. Actualproduction will vary depending on package size, chute size and operator dexterity.
Maximum package weight: 100 lbs. on machine or conveyor.
Tension: Adjustable from 25–200 lbs.
Strapping: 9 mm and 12 mm Contrax polypropylene strapping
Electrical: 120 volt, 60 Hz, FLA 9.0 amp; 208 volt, 60 Hz, FLA 5.2 amp; 230 volt, 60 Hz, FLA 4.7 amp; 460 volt, 60 Hz, FLA 2.3 amp; 575 volt, 60 Hz, FLA 2.0 amp
Shipping weight: 600-700 lbs.

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